Heather Brosché, also known as Monsterpussy or MNSTRPSY, is a mixed-media artist, seamstress, designer, curator, and post-wave feminist.

10329175_603698756405039_4884586066159718027_nShe has co-curated a variety of cross-cultural events that combined music, art, and dance in Southern California and Tijuana, Mexico.

Mnstrpsy is: Free-form art, creation, in- novation, intention and style.

A San Diego native; I was born and raised in Chula Vista, California.

For archives please visit monsterpussy.wordpress.com

I have been a seamstress for over ten years, this is my creative base. My first series, at the age of 22, was created mostly in oils. Since then I have moved to working in different mediums including: paper, textiles, analog light projection, video, wood, and metals.

Dj Monsterpussy was created out of Club Purple (CP) which began in 2008 at the now deceased Radio Room. My last performance with CP was in July 2010 at La Mezcalera (Tijuana, MX).

Succeeding this, I created a then new night life series, Makeout Weird (MW) – created in the summer of 2010 at Kadan Club in Normal Heights, San Diego. Within 6 months I began to collaborate efforts booking the night with Bobby Bray (The Locust, Holy Molar, INUS), we then moved MW to Whistle Stop in South Park.

MW concept: keeping the krunk in punk with cross subcultural visual art, live music, dance, local artists, bands, djs, inventors, professors, and experimentalists. Modern day Fluxus, Post Dada, Post Hardcore, Queer-Hard, Avant-Hard, Nu-Disco, and Dance-Punk. A forum for presentation of the new, an environment open to everybody without a cover charge.

After 3 years, we decided to call an end to the nightlife series, the final installation happened on April 18th, 2013 with Machino (Tijuana, MX), Maniqui Lazer (Mexicali, MX), and Moonshake (San Diego based Tehcno/House Dj’s).

I have been involved in curating a variety of other events which also include music, art, and dance.

Events and/or places where I have shown my work:

2020 Magagagaga Zine (SD)
2019 Three One G Records (SD)
2016 Chicana Art Gallery (SD)
2013 Hunt & Gather (SD)
2012 Hunt & Gather (SD)
2011 Arts Chiyoda (Japan)
2011 Disclosed unLocation Gallery (SD)
2010 Boutique Chandelier (Tijuana)
2010 Jett Gallery (SD)
2010 Glashaus Gallery (SD)
2010 Hunt & Gather (SD)
2009 Beta-Level Gallery (LA)
2009 Casbah (SD)
2009 MCASD (SD)
2009 Upper Playground (Mexico City)
2009 Invisible Ocean Festival (Bay Area)
2009 Echo Curio Gallery (LA)
2008 Whistle Stop (SD)
2008 Ice Gallery (SD)
2008 Tokyo Gold Show at Kava (SD)
2008 Essentially Pink Show at Bar Basic
2008 SexFx Art Show at Cream Cafe (SD)
2007 Wonder Show at Cream Cafe (SD)

Locations where DJ MNSTRPSY has performed:

Radio Room (SD) / Kadan Club (SD) / The Flame (SD) / Whistle Stop (SD) / Gelato Vero Cafe (SD) / Kava (SD) / Tin Can (SD) / Tower Bar (SD) / The Handbag Factory (LA) / SUB-Mission (SF) / Jam City (Oakland) / Luigi’s Fun Garden (Sacramento) / East Village Workshops (OC) / Hunt & Gather (SD) / Ché Cafe (SD) / Art Lab Studios (SD) / Radio Pulso Del Barrio/ (SD)

La Mezcalera (Tijuana) / Indie Go! (TIjuana) / CECUT (Tijuana) / Bar El Andariego (Mexicali) / La Mi-Ja De la Mezcalera (Tijuana) / Chupiteria (Tijuana) / Mous Tache (Tijuana) / en frente al Teatro Blanquita (Meixco City)

Events that I have curated, co- curated and promoted:

2013 Makeout Weird at Whistle Stop
2012 Makeout Weird at Whistle Stop
2011 Makeout Weird at Whistle Stop
2010 Makeout Weird at Kadan Club
2009 Club Purple at La Mezcalera
2009 Tokyo Gold Art Show at Ché Cafe
2008 Club Purple at Radio Room
2008 Club Purple at The Flame
2008 Tokyo Gold Show at Kava
2008 Essentially Pink Show at Bar Basic
2008 SexFx Art Show at Cream Cafe
2007 Wonder Art Show at Cream Cafe